Tamo Art


Tamar Abuashvili

Artist Tamar Abuashvili (TAMO)  has been educated as a painter, majoring in theatre painting. As a student at the Fine Arts Academy, she has done the styling of a number of plays of the drama school students.

Committed at present to painting, her works related to Abstract Expressionism and Conceptual Art. Her exceptional skills manifest themselves in oil paintings on canvas. The blend of colours and the technique are to be specially mentioned in regard with Tamar Abuashvili’s works, and the influence of music and inquisitiveness for esotery can be outlined in her paintings.

The occupation of her homeland Georgia is one of the central themes in her art.

Tamar Abuashvili was born in 1981 in Georgia. She graduated from Apollon Kutateladze Academy of Fine Arts and has been participating in a number of group exhibitions, as well as throwing individual exhibitions in Georgia, as well as in the USA. Her works are exhibited across Europe, the USA and post-Soviet countries.

“The key concept in most of my works relies on attempt to deliver real events, relationships and emotions based on a psychological point of view. I believe reflection of events in realistic manner cannot be as fascinating as it could be done with color, texture and forms. This way I try to leave on viewers the possibility of cogitation, a conceptual vision.

“At the same time I give them the opportunity to perceive the message of the artwork individually, in their own ways and to feel uncommon emotions looking on it. I think that in general the charm of conceptual art lies in fact that it allows an artist to go beyond banality and deliver the idea in original way.” 








2023. MOMA Tbilisi – Spring Exhibition. March 17-27. Tbilisi, Georgia.

2023. Gallery Opizari (G.A.U) – Women’s Art Exhibition. Mart 8, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2022. In front of the Parliament of Georgia – act for the recognition of genocide – September 27. Tbilisi. Georgia.

2022.Gallery Opizari (G.A.U) – New Year Exhibition. 14 – 28 January.Tbilisi, Georgia. 

2021.DigitalExhibitionWeekforWomenin Art27May-3June.World.

2021 GalleryOpizari(G.A.U)-(GroupExhibition).27May–2June.Tbilisi,Georgia.

2020. National Library of Georgia (G.A.U) – Christmas Exhibition 5-16 January. Tbilisi, Georgia.

2019. V.Arkania’s Art Gallery – The Colors Of Abkhazia Exhibition. 23 – 30 May. Tbilisi, Georgia.

2019. Gallery Opizari (G.A.U) – Joint Exhibition of Tamo & Temo. 24 – 26 May Tbilisi, Georgia.

2019. Gallery Opizari (G.A.U) – Women’s Art Exhibition. Mart 8, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2017. Gallery Vache – Personal exhibition. May 30 – June 8, Tbilisi, Georgia.

2015. Art Hamptons – The Original Fine Art Fair of The Hamptons . July 2-5 , Bridgehampton, NY.

2015. Art expo New York 2015 (23-26 apr.) New York, NY.

2014-2015.AgoraGallery–ReconstructingReality.November29–December19 NewYork.

2014. Art expo new york 2014 (4-5-6-apr.) Georgian Painters. New York, NY.

2006 – 2010. Permanent Exhibitions in Gallery Camea. Tbilisi Georgia.

2004. Gallery Qarvasla. “New Faces in Georgian Art” Tbilisi,Georgia.

2003.TheArtMuseumofBatumi.(Groupexhibition) Batumi,Georgia.

2003.4th. Administrationof Likani.(Groupexhibition) Borjomi,Georgia.

2003. Gallery Hobby. (Group exhibition)- Pallete of spring. Tbilisi, Georgia.

2002. Gallery Universe. (Group exhibition) Tbilisi, Georgia.

2002. Club 22. (personal exhibition) Tbilisi, Georgia.

2001. Academy of Arts. (Group exhibition) Tbilisi, Georgia.

2001. Young Spectators Theatre. performance “The Stable” Tbilisi, Georgia.

2000.I.Javakhishvilistateuniversity.Group Exhibition.Tbilisi,Georgia